Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The New - MYPF Learning Program

What is MYPF?
MYPF or Manage Your Personal Finances is an E2P* Learning Program designed by TAB Training & Consulting, LLC to address two issues that face many individuals which are financial responsibility and computer literacy.  The MYPF Training Program course introduces basic Microsoft Excel concepts through the development of creating, managing and analyzing a personal budget.  The end result is a more effective, efficient and productive user of technology which translates into increased employment, career advancement opportunities, and individuals better equipped to becoming successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

What is My Vision for the MYPF Learning Program?
My vision is to provide individuals with the necessary and essential skill sets and information to become technologically self -sufficient.  Individuals will then possess the ability to quickly put into practice the skills and knowledge gained as a result of our project-based training programs and services

Take the First Step - Try Out the Demo Module - TODAY!
There are four modules within the MYPF Series, of which, the Demo Module is the first to be launched.  It is a “data-entry” based introduction to the program that will allow YOU, the user, to see how various Microsoft Excel concepts can be combined to create a personal financial management tool.  The demo module is approximately a 15-20 minute exercise that combines basic, intermediate, and advanced Excel elements  that walk you through how YOUR monthly finances can be documented to help YOU make future financial decisions like planning a vacation or purchasing your next home.

Try out the


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