Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learn more than just how to use a Microsoft Office Application...

...learn what Microsoft Office Suite application(s) you will need to complete a task or project.
For instance, have you ever been faced with the task of sending one letter, which will need to be customized), to multiple recipients. I am sure you have; and if you haven't, then you will almost certainly be faced with this dilemma in the future. So what do you do?
This is a Mass-Mailing...
There are a couple of questions that need to be answered before we explore which application (or applications) should be used to accomplish this task.

These questions are as follows:
(a) Where is the letter (located) that I need to customize for each mailing recipient? Do I have to create a new letter? What is the information that needs to be customized for each recipient?
(b) Where is the listing of recipients (located) that will be used for this particular project? If there is no list, what are my options - does that mean I have to create the recipient list?
(c) Will I have to filter the list of recipients based on some type of criteria to match only those recipients located in Florida? If so, how will I filter out only what I need?
Once you have the answers to the questions listed above (as there may be more that will need to be considered in order to complete this task) you will be able to decide on what applications to use. One of the applications to consider is Microsoft Word which has a feature called Mail-Merge. Can you guess what the other application(s) is that may be used to complete this task?
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