Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TABTuesdays - 9/24/13 - Message

Today begins what I hope to be a weekly blog on Human Capital, Technology Literacy, and Computers.  Today I begin writing on a weekly basis (on Tuesdays) on my blog site (long awaited) and eventually it will also become an email blast to my many distribution lists that I have accumulated over the past 20-25 years. 

I want to begin today by talking a bit more about the recent TABRadio broadcast that I conducted via BlogTalkRadio on the topic of Overcoming One's Technology and Computer Anxiety.  I even broke it down into three steps:

Ø  Step 1 – Identify the Source of the Anxiety

Ø  Step 2 – Build Your Self Confidence on What you Know

Ø  Step 3 – Implement Computer/Technology Literacy to Address the Anxiety. 

I spent the last two days really thinking about those three steps as I began to observe those around me that appear to suffer, to some degree, from Computer/Technology Anxiety and it became a bit more obvious how individuals show these various symptoms;  like indecisiveness, fear, complacency, negativity, and the most obvious – denial.

For example, I observed one individual that went out of their way to ask someone for help who was not as knowledgeable in the subject matter, rather than reach out a person that has spent a better part of their careers working with such computer-based issues.  This action took them an additional 15 minutes to accomplish what appeared to be a simple concept that falls under the label of basic computer knowledge. 

I’ve been told such things like, “I am certified in all that I need to know about computers!  Huh?  What does that even mean!

I have come to realize that the first thing we all need to do, including me, is acknowledge what we know, but more importantly, what we are confident in being able to demonstrate and then be willing to take the initiative to take further action to learn something new.

So, I leave you with this bit of information…it is my goal, my destiny (if you will), and the path that I feel has been chosen to do all that I can to “Bridge the Technology Literacy Gap” for those individuals that are most in need.

I will accomplish this by sharing information, sharing my story, and most importantly sharing my passion for helping those who are open to building their “Human Capital”…because at the end of the day…that is what truly belongs to you.  Not an office with a window, not the company car, not the company credit card, not even the 401K…but the knowledge gained and implemented through your life’s challenges and triumphs!

Until Next Tuesday…have an efficient, effective and productive week!\

Prof. TAB