Saturday, March 19, 2011

TABTC initiates a "Human Capital Development Movement"

TAB Training & Consulting (TABTC) is planning its "Human Capital Development Movement" by using computer literacy as a tool for self-sufficiency and social change within socially and economically challenged communities. As this is not a 'new' business concept, we have found a unique way of separating ourselves from the competition.

Our training services have always and will continue to be designed to provide individuals with immediate benefits, that are easy to use and retain, yet convenient enough so as not to disturb the busy daily routines of our customers.

All of our services include a high-level of customer service and support that most businesses substitute for bottom-line sales and increased market share. Our services are project-based and allow individuals to quickly implement the knowledge learned and gained to have an immediate impact on their daily lives.

So, stay tuned in by visiting our web site -, as more information about OUR MOVEMENT is unveiled.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TAB Training & Consulting - Web Site Makeover

Check out our "Web Site Makeover" we strive to make it more user-friendly while providing important and relevant information to our web-site visitors.

BEFORE (Home Page):

AFTER (Home Page):

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