Monday, September 7, 2015

A 20 Year Old Promise...That I Still Plan to Keep!!!

20 Years Later...Where am I Now?

20 years ago, May 1995, was a very important time for me as it was the first time that I appeared in a nationally renowned magazine, Entrepreneur, in an article entitled "Head Start - Entrepreneurial programs give today's youth a competitive edge" written by Cynthia E. Griffin [that's me in the article photo].  I remember the photo shoot like it was yesterday, and one of the questions that I was asked during the shoot.  "Where will you be in 20 years?"  

This all came about after coming across a copy of the magazine and making me think about my current business aspirations as it relates to this article and more importantly to the response that I gave which was a truly optimistic and naive response..."semi-retired...working 4 hours a day doing the two things that I love to do; working with computers and helping people"  “I think I will reach that goal by the time I turn 35 years old.” 

Some may say that I have actually reached the goal that I set for myself, however it is not the way that I initially envisioned it.  Of course, being 25 years old, I was filled with high aspirations for myself and did not see any limit to the success that I would be able to achieve in 20 years; especially after the success that I had already experienced during the first four years of pursuing my entrepreneurial endeavors. 

I just turned 45 years old [which is not always guaranteed these days – so I chose to celebrate it like it was my 25th birthday]; I have started a new business where I will be working with computers with a mission of helping individuals (novice and beginner users) to become more efficient, effective, and productive users of technology and computers; and I ONLY “work” about 4 hours a day. Not because I am semi-retired, but because I am currently dealing with health issues that at best allow me to concentrate and use computers between 3-4 hours a day before taking a toll on me mentally and physically.  So you see I have reached the goal I set forth 20 years ago, just not in the way that I initially thought I would.  Not to mention the obstacles that “Life” itself can put in one’s way as her or she pursues their personal goals.  I won’t get into that right now even though it has played a very important role into the delaying the time frame for achieving my entrepreneurial endeavors originated from this article in May of 1995.

That being said, I have decided to use the 20th anniversary of this article as motivation to set new goals, based on those from this article, new strategies and a clearer more defined story of success to be told in 2025.  So put on your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

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