Friday, July 18, 2014

Conquer your fear and anxiety of technology and computers!

Are you frustrated with technology and computers?  Do you want to become a more efficient, effective, and productive user of technology and computers?  Contact me to learn more about TABTutors for me about TABTraining for community-based me about TABVirtual for entrepreneurs and business owners.  I provide simple and applicable solutions using Microsoft Office applications to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with technology and computers.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Technology Literacy…Is Still a Very Important Skill Set in the Workplace!

An Excerpt from 7/13/14 TABRadio Broadcast
Technology & Computers for the Beginner/Novice User

"Since January of 2014, I have gone on a personal and professional quest to research the importance of technology literacy in the workplace...and it truly amazes me how individuals today still take for granted the importance and necessity of technology literacy skills in the workplace. I came across article after article about the importance of being computer literate in the workplace, the importance of basic computer skills and the importance of computers skills as an office professional.  Therefore I am re-focusing my training & consulting efforts to educate individuals on how to become more efficient, effective and productive users of technology with a strong focus on the Microsoft Office Suite applications.  After-all, how can you ignore this statistic….according to Microsoft, 1.1 billion people (or 1 in 7 people on the planet) use Microsoft Office.  Today’s broadcast will discuss how the very applications that sit on desktops at many places of work offer individuals more options and a greater ability to become successful employees in the workplace…the catch is enhance one’s technology skill sets, identify the issues and obstacles they face, and to begin integrating these new skills sets with the experience each individual possesses to minimize, if not, eliminate these obstacles.

I am starting with the workplace during this broadcast and I will discuss how to achieve e-squared-p at home, professionally, and academically on future broadcasts." 

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