Sunday, June 20, 2010

Technologically Literate vs. Technologically Capable

Do you know the difference?

Do you consider yourself technologically literate? Can you answer yes to any of the questions listed below?

  • Do you understand the nature and role of technology?
  • Do you understand how technological systems are designed, used and controlled?
  • Are you able to value the benefits and assess the risks associated with technology?

Do you consider yourself technologically capable? Can you answer yes to any of the questions listed below?

  • Can you recognize problems needing practical solutions?
  • Can develop and evaluate a variety of alternative solutions to a perceived problem?
  • Do you select, optimize, and apply knowledge and other resources to solve practical problems?
  • Can you work within imposed constraints and with limited resources?
  • Do assess the effectiveness of technological solutions?
  • Can you make value judgments regarding possible and actual actions taken while solving problems?
  • Feel comfortable learning about and using systems and tools of technology in the home, in leisure activities, and in the workplace.

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Web-Based Training (WBT)

Our web-based training service provides 24-7 access to learn Microsoft Office Suite applications from the comfort of home or the workplace. We offer packages that include monthly subscriptions and customized training sessions with a certified trainer. Our mission is to provide training in a comfortable and convenient learning environment suited for our clients to learn exactly what they want, how they want, when they want and most importantly where they want!

Self paced (WBT) learning provides the freedom of learning when and where you want. One of the advantages of web-based training (or e-learning) is the ability to obtain specific, detailed and repetitive instruction. In addition WBT is interactive, allowing users to take control of the learning process and proceed at their own pace. This form of training offers individuals an alternative to learning from textbooks and user manuals. The information is always available via the Internet should a trainee need to review the material. We discovered through past training classes that when WBT was implemented as a review tool there was a higher retention of the information by our students. Thus, we created this WBT program to further promote higher retention levels allowing students to learn chunks of information over short periods of time. Clients are able to break their learning sessions into 20- to 30-minute segments over a number of days rather than receiving 8-hours of instructor in a classroom setting over the course one day.

Web-based training takes away the need to plan for a one to two-hour training workshop that may take longer to get there than to sit in on the training. WBT eliminates two obstacles that commonly prevent individuals from taking traditional classroom training courses; travel costs and childcare expenses. Also removed is the uncomfortable situation where one person dominates the classroom discussion because of his or her pre-existing knowledge of the material or another student that slows down the class with their lack of knowledge of the material. Students now have the ability to focus on and learn what is important to them and skip unnecessary or already-learned information.

TAB Training & Consulting strongly believes that our web-based training, along with our support services, will prepare individuals with the necessary skills and practice to meet and exceed the requirements of becoming Microsoft Business Certified. For more information about our web-based training service or for a FREE DEMO - please call us at (704) 3030-9094 or visit our website,, and complete the request for more information form.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Microsoft Office Apps at Home

Microsoft Office Suite applications (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Access) are not just for businesses…

Sometimes it is just a matter of thinking outside-of-the box when it comes to organizing our lives, making our lives a bit easier and sometimes just a matter of learning something new. For instance, when is the last time you prepared a budget to ensure you are properly saving the correct amount for the vacation you planned while creating your new year's resolution? It is not too late to plan for that vacation trip to a warm exotic location when everyone else is dealing with their job or facing the bitter winter of the Northeast. If you have a computer at home along with the Microsoft Excel application - then you have all you need to create this budget. By the way, if you don't have the Excel application at home, then visit your local library - prepare for your trip while enjoying the cool environment on someone else's "dollar."

Click on this link

Preparing a Budget using Microsoft Excel
(to open PDF file)


check out the

Technology Tool Chest page at

For more information about Microsoft Office Suite applications and how they can be used at home as part of your "everyday" life, send an email to - put "Microsoft Office Apps at Home" in the subject of the email and we will setup a free 30 minute consultation session to further discuss how to incorporate Micorsoft into your life at home.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 10 New Features of Microsoft Office 2007

TAB Tuesdays Webinar - Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Learn 10 NEW FEATURES about Microsoft Office 2007 that you should KNOW!!!


The Office Button
The Ribbon
The Mini Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar
The Status Bar
Document Information Panel
Live Preview
Enhanced ScreenTips

Often times learning a new software application or business process is a matter of mastering the terminology associated with the learning process. There is a natural learning-curve when we are exposed to something new or different. Take the next step to building your "human capital" by investing 60 minutes to learn what's new about

Microsoft Office 2007 and begin to once again take control of your computing experience. During today's webinar we will examine what you need to know about Microsoft Office 2007 as you move closer to becoming more efficient, productive and effective as a use of technology.

To sign up for tonight's webinar, go to our web site; click on the "TAB Tuesdays" page link, select tonight's webinar and then click on the "Buy Now" button.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TAB Keys - June 2010 Issue

Greetings from the Owner:

Check out our second issue of TAB Keys and learn more about TAB Training & Consulting. Starting in July (2010), we will begin to add Microsoft Office application tips & tricks, focusing on one application per issue, to help you become a more efficient and productive user of the application - Stay Tuned!!! Also, in our July Bulletin, we will provide information on using Microsoft Office Suite applications to enhance your job search experience. - Troy A. Burgher

What's New at TAB?

  • Featured Presenter at the 28th Annual Entrepreneurship Education Forum (November 2010– Columbus, OH)

  • Webinar Workshop Series A - Technology Development (6/23/10)

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Increase Your Microsoft Office Knowledge in just 60 Minutes. Learn Key Aspects of Microsoft Office Suite applications in as little as 60 minutes. Each Webinar will introduce a new concept, tip or trick that can increase your productivity and efficient use of Microsoft Office applications as a work or personal tool.


Admission is ONLY $10.00

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