Sunday, June 20, 2010

Learn Microsoft Office 24-7

Web-Based Training (WBT)

Our web-based training service provides 24-7 access to learn Microsoft Office Suite applications from the comfort of home or the workplace. We offer packages that include monthly subscriptions and customized training sessions with a certified trainer. Our mission is to provide training in a comfortable and convenient learning environment suited for our clients to learn exactly what they want, how they want, when they want and most importantly where they want!

Self paced (WBT) learning provides the freedom of learning when and where you want. One of the advantages of web-based training (or e-learning) is the ability to obtain specific, detailed and repetitive instruction. In addition WBT is interactive, allowing users to take control of the learning process and proceed at their own pace. This form of training offers individuals an alternative to learning from textbooks and user manuals. The information is always available via the Internet should a trainee need to review the material. We discovered through past training classes that when WBT was implemented as a review tool there was a higher retention of the information by our students. Thus, we created this WBT program to further promote higher retention levels allowing students to learn chunks of information over short periods of time. Clients are able to break their learning sessions into 20- to 30-minute segments over a number of days rather than receiving 8-hours of instructor in a classroom setting over the course one day.

Web-based training takes away the need to plan for a one to two-hour training workshop that may take longer to get there than to sit in on the training. WBT eliminates two obstacles that commonly prevent individuals from taking traditional classroom training courses; travel costs and childcare expenses. Also removed is the uncomfortable situation where one person dominates the classroom discussion because of his or her pre-existing knowledge of the material or another student that slows down the class with their lack of knowledge of the material. Students now have the ability to focus on and learn what is important to them and skip unnecessary or already-learned information.

TAB Training & Consulting strongly believes that our web-based training, along with our support services, will prepare individuals with the necessary skills and practice to meet and exceed the requirements of becoming Microsoft Business Certified. For more information about our web-based training service or for a FREE DEMO - please call us at (704) 3030-9094 or visit our website,, and complete the request for more information form.

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