Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TABKeys - June 2015 [Volume 01, Issue 01]

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TABKeys for 2015

(June 2015 - Volume 01, Issue 01)

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We often hear the words "Microsoft Office Suite" and most of us know what is meant by it.  Some of us have used programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook as employees of companies on an everyday basis; but how many of us are able to identify the other key applications associated with the Microsoft Office Suite of applications that perform a variety of tasks in the workplace.  There are programs like Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft OneNote that are somewhat unknown or unfamiliar as they are considered to be "specialty" applications with specific purposes.

Take a look at my latest newsletter, TABKeys [June 2015-Volume 01-Issue 01], which is now available for viewing to learn more about what I call "The 7 Categories of Desktop Software" and the Microsoft Office Suite applications associated with each category.  There is a brief description of each of the Microsoft Suite applications covered in the newsletter.

Throughout the remainder of the year, TAB Training & Consulting, LLC will be providing information via this blog and frequently sponsored webinars to help promote these applications in the hopes that individuals will begin to use such programs to become more efficient, effective and productive users of technology.  Stay Tuned!

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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Newsletter for Novice & Beginner Users


Quarterly Newsletter on Tech(nology) Literacy

Promotional Issue

is Now Available

TABKeys will feature information on technology and computer literacy that is designed for novice and beginner users of technology and computers. Please take a look at my promotional issue of TABKeys which features articles on:

  • - The five basic components of a computer system
  • - Things to consider for your next purchase (of a computer system - desktop, laptop or tablet)
  • - A sample computer system advertisement
  • - A chart that can be used to determine which Microsoft Office package (Office 365 or Office 2013) best suits your application needs.

Promotional Issue - May 2015

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