Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why is Desktop Application Certification Important to You?

As a follow-up to our first webinar held in January, entitled "Using Technology to Build Human Capital", this webinar will explore one way in which you can begin building your human capital through the use of technology.

With the current economic woes and the staggering unemployment rates throughout the United States, we need to begin thinking about how to differentiate ourselves from the “competition” when it comes to seeking gainful employment and/or climbing the corporate ladder. We should familiarize ourselves with and embrace such terms as “Unique Selling Point (USP) “or “Differential Advantage (DA)”. These are terms that employers and human resource departments are asking potential employees to answer as part of a job interview. Here is your chance to provide them with at least one reason why you should be hired for the position – because you are Microsoft Office Certified!

Obtaining certification in any (or all) of the Microsoft Office Suite applications provides an individual with a great distinction from others when pursuing employment or seeking career advancement. Not only will an individual obtain valuable knowledge and skill sets, but the newly acquired skills no matter the industry, can be applied to one's current position or towards the application of a new position. The Microsoft Office Suite certification(s) is a global credential that can be used anywhere in the United States (or globally) and is recognized by employers as an indication of your knowledge and expertise in using Microsoft Office Suite applications.

Here is something to think about - it is estimated that more than 90% of all businesses use Microsoft Office in some business capacity; either as part of their daily business function or simply as a means to communicate with other businesses. Put Microsoft on Your Resume!