Monday, October 1, 2012

Monthly Bulletin - October 2012

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Put Your Household/Personal Finances in Order!

Starting on Thursday January 10, 2012 is our virtual course entitled - "Manage Your Personal Finances" using Microsoft Excel.  This program provides necessary skill sets and tools to track daily spending providing the ability to make financial decisions about future purchases. 

Microsoft Excel, a software application that is used in 80-85 % of all businesses, provides the foundation from which to build, enhance or develop a knowledge base that can be used in all areas of life (personal, professional and academic).

Click here to print out a copy of the flyer.  Registration begins on October 15th!

Please contact us for more information about this virtual training course or check out our website after October 1st!

Phone: (262) TAB-INFO [822-4636] / 704-490-6143

We Reveal our Latest Business Campaign!

B2B - "Back to the Basics" our totally new perspective toward "Bridging the Technology Literacy Gap" - Let us help you take the FIRST STEP by offering you introductory deals on a few of our personal services!  Stay tuned for more announcements and specials over the next several months!
Click here to print a copy of the flyer.