Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FREE Microsoft Office consultation for Small Business Startups & Entrepreneurs

How much do you know about Microsoft Office Suite applications? Are you the owner of a small business start-up or entrepreneur and are located in the Concord, NC (or Cabarrus County area).  If the answer is yes, then send an email to info@csberg.com to be scheduled for a FREE Microsoft Office consultation. Put "FREE Microsoft Office Consultation" in the subject line of your email. Sign up TODAY!
Learn how the Microsoft Office Suite of applications can help get your business off the ground?  Sign up for a FREE consultation on the benefits of incorporating Microsoft Office Suite applications (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) with your business.  The FREE consultations begin on Sunday, June 9, 2013 and last through until June 30, 2013 (between 10 am & 4 PM). The consultations will be held in the Concord (NC) area. Send an email to info@csberg.com with the phrase "FREE Microsoft Office Consultation" in the subject line to have a session scheduled. 
 *PS - Add the name of your business, a brief description, and your business email address in the body of the email and receive 10% of your first package training session.  This offer expires on July 1, 2013.

3-Steps to Managing Your Personal Finances!

Start building your human capital TODAY by enhancing your knowledge of Microsoft Excel! Click on the link below to register for the upcoming "Manage Your Personal Finances" (MYPF) virtual training course that starts on June 10th.  Learn some Excel techniques that can be used in your everyday personal, professional or academic lives.  Let me show you HOW!