Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Using Technology to Increase Human Capital

A 2010 New Years Resolution Webinar - Start off on the right foot!

Now that 2010 is upon us - how are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Did you write them down and started carrying them out. May I suggest adding one more to your list, which is to use technology to increase your human capital? Increasing your human capital will allow you to take advantage of employment opportunities, career advancement and personal development. Attend this workshop and learn how technology can be a powerful tool in developing YOUR human capital.

Check out our upcoming workshop aimed at providing a general overview of technology literacy and how technology can be used to develop one's human capital. This workshop will also demonstrate that the tools for becoming more technology literate can usually be found right at our fingertips (our own personal computers) or within reasonable reach (computers at our place of work or the local library and coffee shop). We will examine how acquiring knowledge and/or certification as user of Microsoft Office Suite applications will assist us with reaching the goal of increased job opportunities, career advancement, switching careers, or pursuing the dream of becoming business owners (or trail-blazing entrepreneurs).