Sunday, June 20, 2010

Technologically Literate vs. Technologically Capable

Do you know the difference?

Do you consider yourself technologically literate? Can you answer yes to any of the questions listed below?

  • Do you understand the nature and role of technology?
  • Do you understand how technological systems are designed, used and controlled?
  • Are you able to value the benefits and assess the risks associated with technology?

Do you consider yourself technologically capable? Can you answer yes to any of the questions listed below?

  • Can you recognize problems needing practical solutions?
  • Can develop and evaluate a variety of alternative solutions to a perceived problem?
  • Do you select, optimize, and apply knowledge and other resources to solve practical problems?
  • Can you work within imposed constraints and with limited resources?
  • Do assess the effectiveness of technological solutions?
  • Can you make value judgments regarding possible and actual actions taken while solving problems?
  • Feel comfortable learning about and using systems and tools of technology in the home, in leisure activities, and in the workplace.

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