Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The "Manage Your Personal Finance" (or MYPF) Learning Program has Launched!

IT'S  OFFICIAL !!!!!!!

"Manage Your Personal Finances" Learning Program

My "MYPF - Program Launch" web page is now accessible to the general public! 

Please take a moment and check out my newest learning program (based on my *E2P
signature learning process) or by visiting my web page, www.tabtraining.com, and clicking on the tab (at the top of the page) labeled as "MYPF Program Launch.

The MYPF - Demo Module will provide a "sneak peak" of my Microsoft Excel-based tool for managing one's personal finances while also learning key Excel elements & concepts that can also be used in the workplace.

Stay tuned for an upcoming short video as well as other posts on what I believe to be a revolutionary learning program that can and will help anyone from the novice/beginner user to the more seasoned user of Microsoft Excel.

Try out the


*E2P (E-squared-P) is my signature process that places focus on providing individuals with the knowledge and tools to become more Efficient, Effective, and Productive users of technology. E2P process is dedicated to demonstrating the importance of computer and technology literacy as it relates to building and developing one’s human capital. 

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