Saturday, January 18, 2014

My MOS 2013 Certification Journal_012014

I have created an outline (see below) with my projected hours of training and the daily implementation of newly acquired skill sets into my everyday life [personal & professional] that I plan to follow in preparation of the six certification exams necessary for acquiring the MOS 2013 Master Level Certification. I will ultimately be using the skills and projects created from my certification preparation as material to use in future training opportunities through TAB Training & Consulting, LLC.

Training Prep Outline:

Projected Prep and
 Study Hours
Microsoft Excel Expert (2 exams)
Microsoft Word Expert (2 exams)
Microsoft PowerPoint (1 exam)
Microsoft Outlook (1 exam)

The next step is create a check-off list of of subject matter that needs to be covered, studied and practiced as I prepare for the first application certification exam – Microsoft Excel.  Not only will I be preparing for the exam, but I am also preparing project-based exercises for my business as training tools.

I will share a summarized version of the my study check-off list, much like the check-off lists that I create for my daily workload as a full-time employee.  I find them very useful in ensuring that I complete all necessary tasks associated with the many processes that I must follow in order to complete my daily activities.  This check-off list also provides documentation that I have completed all steps associated with any given tasks for auditing purposes.

Signed - Still very excited about MY Challenge

Troy A. Burgher

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