Monday, October 19, 2009

What is Human Capital?

There are many ways to define human capital, but they all have a similar message. The underlying message relates to the knowledge, experience and skills that a person obtains, usually through employment, that can be utilized for that person to become more efficient, effective and productive in his or her life.

To increase my personal human capital, I decided to learn about computers and how to use them to obtain employment. After realizing how much I enjoy sharing information with others, I began to focus more on learning how to teach others to embrace computers and technology into their daily lives. I would eventually show individuals how to use this new knowledge to become more effective, efficient and productive in their professional and personal lives. This lead me on the path to becoming a trainer; something that I have been doing since 1994.

What is your human capital? How do you plan to increase/enhance your human capital to meet your own personal goal(s)?

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