Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Technology Literacy Important to You?

Technology literacy is not just about knowing how to use technology for word-processing, spreadsheets, and Internet access. Fundamentally, it is efficiently and effectively utilizing computer and information systems to meet productive goals in a competitive environment. We live in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology. It is particularly important in this technological world that people understand and are comfortable with the concepts and workings of modern technology. From an individual's standpoint, people benefit both at work and at home by being able to choose the best products to meet their needs (e.g. tracking expenses, keeping a budget, list management or troubleshooting). Technology literacy is the ability to use, manage, and problem solve, using technology.

Ask yourself, "Am I a confident computer user?" People approach computers tentatively and with little confidence, even if they have been using computers for years. This paradox derives from the lack of true understanding of the technology. Most training programs concentrate on using the tools and less on applying those tools to actual processes and or problem solving. When something goes wrong or a new application is available, people with such backgrounds are at a loss to know what to do and often experience frustration. They find themselves in a situation where they must get help further adding to their feeling of anxiety and of not being in control. Usually the help they receive treats the immediate problem without imparting more basic knowledge thus perpetuating the problem.

This is where TAB Training & Consulting has developed a niche of providing technology workshops and training programs that help individuals learn technology to assist them with their daily professional and personal routines. It's more than knowing spreadsheets, word-processing and database programs. It is the knowledge gained on how to use these applications to become more efficient, effective and productive in today’s competitive society.

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