Sunday, August 2, 2015

Exploring Unknown Territory: The New Operating System Windows 10 (Part 1)

On 7/31/15 I visited a local technology store to inquire about Windows 10 and how much of their current inventory has Windows 10 installed.  One of the salespeople greeted me when I entered the computer area (which felt pretty good) and asked me how I was doing and what was I interested in this morning?  I immediately began to inquire about their stock of Windows 10 ready laptops and if he could demonstrate for me the differences between Windows 10 & Windows 8.1.  At the moment I had not yet upgraded my computer to Windows 10 so I was eager to see how it looked and what were some of the key differences (improvements) over Windows 8.1.  The salesperson showed me about 8 different things that were different between the two operating systems and immediately I was hooked.  I couldn't wait to get back home to see if my system was given the green light for the Free Windows 10 upgrade. 

After the brief demonstration, which was more than I anticipated that I would get, I was then informed that the store was still in the process of obtaining new computers and converting some of their current stock into computers with Windows 10.  So, on top of knowing the 5 Basic Components of a Computer System [a workshop that I offer], you should also know about operating systems.  Take the time to take inventory of your current computer system (desktop, laptop or tablet).

Which is the computer system you use most often (desktop, laptop or tablet)?

Make a list of the following items – the 5 basic components of a computer system:
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit): How fast is your computer?
  • Memory: How much memory does your computer system have?
  • Storage: How much space do you have to store software applications/apps?
  • Input: What components do you have to get information into your computer system?
  • Output: What components do you have to retrieve/view information from your computer system?

Now let’s add the Operating System to the list.
  • What is your operating system?

At the end of the day, before you make a purchase for a new computer system, research, research and more research!  Also, if you don’t or understand something, then ask someone.

More about Windows 10 in my next post!

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