Sunday, May 25, 2014

E-squared-P is the Key to YOUR Technology Success!

What is E2P you ask?

 E2P (E-squared-P) is my signature process that places focus on providing individuals with the knowledge and tools to become more Effective, Efficient, and Productive users of technology. The challenges with some computer training programs is the inability to address the specific needs of the individual, schedules that are not convenient to most working individuals, and the lack of support necessary for individuals to truly put into practice the new skills learned. 

The E2P process is dedicated to demonstrating the importance of computer and technology literacy as it relates to building and developing one’s human capital.  The process is designed to incorporate the specific needs of the individual while providing the necessary support and "real world" scenarios that show how to implement the newly acquired skill sets.

I have attributed my success , as a student, as an employee, as a trainer, as an entrepreneur and as a business owner,  with being directly related to the development of my human capital and to the continued pursuit of becoming a more efficient, effective and productive user of technology. 

The E2P process can be tailored to help YOU achieve such success becoming a more efficient, effective and productive user of technology.

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