Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Embrace Technology - NOW!

It is time to embrace technology as a professional tool…as much as we have embraced it as a social tool!

Even though, on average, only 15-20% of any Microsoft Office application is used in the workforce, why are people still hesitant to learn or use more than what they do? We seemed to have become a nation of people that are willing to do only the status quo to keep our jobs (aka paychecks), even during the current recession, yet we complain that we don't make enough money or "wish" we could get "THE" job that pays more…Shouldn't we be preparing ourselves for when the economy bounces back by increasing our knowledge of the industry for which we work...and dedicate ourselves to learn the "technology" skills to acquire a better-paying job whether at the same company or elsewhere. At minimum we should increase our knowledge of technology beyond social networking, emailing, and chatting using our cell phones and laptops...they really are designed and built to do so much more.

Gone are the days of indicating on our resume that we are "proficient" in using Microsoft Word...but are unable to keep our own resumes updated without the assistance of someone else...So are the days of stating on our resume that we are "knowledgeable" in using Microsoft Excel...but are unable to balance our checkbook or home budget and complain there isn't enough money available or overdraft our banking accounts. Calculators and typewriters, what are those things you say (LOL), are old "tools" like libraries and snail-mail. Don't get me wrong libraries are still an important institution and snail-mail has its importance as well...BUT! Time to "step" up your GAME!

As a trainer of 16+ years, with experience teaching within both the corporate and community-based (inner-city) environments, I have come across such individuals on a regular basis, and my only advice is this…Prepare for the day that a job ad reads "MOS Certification ONLY"...you can start preparing now by contacting TAB Training & Consulting at (704) 303 9094 or by visiting our website www.tabtraining.com to request a FREE virtual consultation so we can assist you with assessing and meeting your specific technology training needs.

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